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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Sister Hawkes in the Missionary Training Center

Hello! It has been SO awesome here! I have learned so much. I kind of feel like a new person. My companion, Sister Woolf is great. She was actually on the dance team with Melissa at BYU-I. She's actually going to Jamaica!!! I love her so much! Every day is so crazy. I have been so humbled. My teachers are amazing and so is my entire district. We are always making each other laugh. We actually are having a hard time focusing because we laugh so much. But we are getting better. :)I am up and going from 6:15- 10:30. No breaks! Always working. It's pretty exhausting. One teacher is brother Wright and I knew that I knew him for somewhere but he wouldn't tell me. After like three days he finally told me that he is Jordan's roommate. He has been his roommate for about two years. AND I have met him a couple of time. ha.... I felt really dumb. Before I found out he kept telling everyone stories of his crazy roommate. Like how he lost his keys for two weeks and just didn't care. Or how they have crazy dance parties every night. Or how they yell at each other every night. I thought his roommate was a weirdo. But then I found out it was Jordan and none of the stories surprise me anymore.  

 So I leave for the West Indies on Monday and 4 in the morning. We fly from Salt Lake to LA to Miami to Trinidad. We arrive and 10:40 at night. LONG FLIGHT!!! 

Yesterday was the first day here that it actually all clicked. It was such a good day. Our progressive investigator (who is just our teacher acting as an investigator he had on his mission.) finally felt the spirit and his faith has increased immensely. I actually made him cry after I bore my testimony to him about the restoration. And with my teacher brother Pead that is a big deal. Our TRC investigator (ask Jordan) is awesome. Before we went in for the first time to talk to her I turned to my companion and said "picture her in white." When she opened the door she was completely dressed in white. White shoes,sweat pants, and sweat shirt. pretty cool! That lesson went really well and I think that she really had her faith increase and that she felt the spirit. The gospel has such a different perspective to me now. my faith is so strong and it increases everyday. I was really stressed and worried the first week but now I'm not. I've been humbled by Heavenly Father so much and he finally sort of gave me a pat on the back and said "thank you for working so hard." I love it here. You could cut the spirit with a knife. President Holland said "the gospel is not easy because it wasn't easy for the Savior. Everyone way back to the Celestial kingdom goes through Gethsemane." The only reason I would want to leave would be to go to the West Indies. I honestly didn't think my faith could grow so much. I have such a strong testimony of this gospel and in Christ and Heavenly Father. I love what I am doing and with the spirit to guide me Heavenly Father will speak to people what they need to hear to have their faith increased. 

I can't stress enough how much I would like hard copy letters.  If you go on you can write me a letter for free and it will get to me in the same day! Then I will have a hard copy of your letter and if you only write e-mails I hardly have anytime to read them. PLEASE!!! :) 

I love you all and I will write when I'm in the WEST INDIES!!!

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