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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

The boy who didn't want to come to church

Hello My sweet family. I hope that you are all doing well. Sounds like most everyone is great!!!

This week was really great. We got the news that sister Riley will have to be moved to an area with a car. Not sure when or where yet. We will see. As for now we just keep on foot and talk a lot of buses. 

We had a lesson with the less active boy that we found. He is into a lot of bad things now but we had a good lesson with him and invited him to church. He just laughed and said no. But there was going to be a baptismal service an hour later and he said he would come to that. So we walked with him there and the spirit was really strong. We invited him to church the next day and he said that he wouldn't come. but, He did! Well for the last hour. It was quite the surprise though and after we had a little lesson in the chapel with him and two members. They were perfect for him and such good examples of what he could be. We gave him a new Book Of Mormon and he said he would read but he is still closed to the whole "church" idea. But I know that deep down he feels that this is best. Otherwise why would he have come? 

Sister Eyre and Sister Vance both had the chickugunya virus. Its an epidemic virus that is floating around the West Indies that you get from mosquitoes. So, Friday we went and took care of them since in knocks you out really good. Sister Vance slept for  30 hours straight. Apparently you just have severe pain EVERYWHERE! It hurts even to get up and walk 5 feet. POOR GIRLS!  Half of our investigators have it. I hope that I don't get it. Yikes!

I have been thinking a lot lately about charity and how I can truly incorporate that.  I love how it says in the bible dictionary that repentance gives you a fresh view of the world and of god. It's true. We see Him differently after because we understand Him better and what he wants for us. I have been trying to really flush out all of the selfishness and negativity from myself. It coming.... slowly. This will definitely help me be a better missionary so that I only think of the happiness of others. Funny how thinking of others make us happier. Christ was the perfect example of this. Only thought of others. Everything He did was for someone else. NOTHING for Himself. There really isn't excuses for us to be selfish even tough we make lots. It's simply do better, Be more like Christ and He will be there to help every step of the way and because of Him and the sacrament that we take each week He will cleanse us as we stumble and fall and try again, and again and again. He really is there. He really does care. God lives!!! All we need is faith in Him. If we really believed with a perfect undoubting faith and were obedient to what He asked our lives would be filled with indescribable joy and love. That's what I will work on. To have real faith in Christ. I love him!

I love you all so much and you are in my prayers may you all have a wonderful week.

Soeur Hawkes

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