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Monday, March 25, 2013

Bonjoir!!! Comment alle vous?

... a little French. HUZZAH!

     So far here I have driven through 2 drug deals and have had a drunk person approach me in our car. The people dealing drugs just smiled and waved and actually moved out of the way for us and we handed the drunk guy a word of wisdom pamphlet and drove away.The people here are actually really nice. I honestly feel so protected. I can feel Heavenly Father watching over me. He wants me to succeed and to be safe. It also helps to have a badge that says Jesus Christ so people leave you alone.  
I'm slowly starting to understand what people are saying. Except there is this less active recent convert named brother Scott who I don't think I will ever understand. Sister Udall said it took her about 4 weeks to hear what he was saying. So this week I met a monkey. That's right a monkey! One of the crazy old less actives( he really is absolutely crazy, its really funny) owns about 5 and we got to pet it and take pics with it.
     We have started running every morning after I begged my companion to. I run on the beach right next to the waves barefoot. (the water and beach is SOOOOOOOOO pretty here) We run at Foul Bay which is about 1/2 a mile long so I run it back and forth for half an hour. Exercise is wonderful! I'm starting to get some pretty gnarly tan lines. I wear sunscreen but it just melts/sweat off after the first 20 minutes of tracting.  
     It's finally started to get rain here which is nice because when I first got here there were bush fires everyday and it smelled really bad. The rain is so crazy here. There will be NO warning whatsoever and then you will have a big bucket of water dumped on you. Then after 5 min of rain it will stop. The people here are terrified of rain.
     Teaching people has been the easiest thing for me here. I love this Gospel so much and have no doubts about it whatsoever. I love sharing my testimony with people and helping them understand why they need to gospel in their lives. We mostly teach less actives then we go finding and the we teach lessons as well. We just found this guy named John. He is thirty and had never heard of our church before. When we started talking to him about it, he got really excited. He called us yesterday to make sure that we were still coming tomorrow. He has a Book of Mormon and he said he has been reading it and has lots of questions for us. YAY! My companion says I teach and talk to people really well and said that I don't teach like I'm being trained. I really have grown to love her!
     The elders in my district are so funny. For a YSA activity that we went to, we played cricket. It was pretty fun but sort of hard in a skirt. I still think baseball is better. On our way over here we stopped and got some coconuts from a guy that was selling them! Yum! Coconut jelly is the best!
French is hard without a french companion but I think that I won't go French speaking for a few transfers. I'm pretty good a pronunciation. It's just all of the grammar rules. I'll get it when I'm with the people. For the rest of the P-day we are going to walk around Bridge Town which is a big city in the middle. Oh and I can drive now the way the English do! (opposite side) scary but fun.
     Thanks so much everyone for you kindness and advice and prayers. Keep praying for me but know that they work. Being on a mission really lets you feel so close with Heavenly Father. I pray for you all everyday! I love you so much!!!
 my apartment

 My Companion, Sister Udall

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