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Monday, March 18, 2013

First Week!

Hey everyone! I'm here in Barbados! I'm serving in St. Phillips area. It's probably the poorest area of Barbados. Some people are easy to understand and others sound like they are speaking a foreign language. Their houses here are ridiculous. There will be this pretty nice (for here) house and the right next to that house will be this disgusting, old, rotten home that looks like no one has lived in it since 1705. Yet someone is. It's so weird. Everyone is crazy. Like I'm not kidding. I feel like I'm in Alice in Wonderland. When people have conversations with you no one ever looks you in the eye so you think that they aren't listening at all, and then they are like "Ya, I believe that."

 My apartment is pretty nice and in a safe area. It is really hot and dry here and they drive on the other side of the road. Everyone is Christian and grew up in Christian schools so you will tell them something and they say they believe it and then they start talking about how the Jehovah Witnesses came over and they believe them to. They just believe everything! haha.The branch here is really small. Our branch in Church Hill has 6 missionaries. Us girls and two boy companions. Elder Anderson is in my branch. Our branch has about 100 people who are members but has maybe 20 people who are active. Most of our work here so far has been trying to reactivate. People are really lazy here so getting people to church is really hard. People will just sit in one spot for hours on end and not do ANYTHING. I'm not kidding they will JUST sit there. They call it limen'. Most of the people in the branch are really old and they have no musical talent whatsoever so combining that with old people and you will understand how silly the hymns sound in church. I have to cough to pretend I'm not laughing cause I can't help it.

There is this one old lady about 78 her name is sister Brothwait. She is THE most crazy person I have ever met. She is really strong in the church, though. She has been out teaching with us a couple of times. She is so agile for her age its crazy. She acts like she is 50. But she is mentally not all the way there. She fed us on Sunday and I honestly don't know what was on my plate. When we dropped her off from one of our teaching lessons, we walked inside her house and pieces of her fan and broken off and had flown all over the house. Hahahaha!  Every single one of the fan arms had broken off. She acted like it wasn't a big deal and just kept laughing. So funny. They apparently eat a lot of rice beans and chicken here. Pretty bland. They drink this drink called Maubi. Its disgusting. Its like root beer but it tastes more like cough syrup. My companion loves it.

My companion is Sister Udall. She is 23 and from Arizona. There are rastas walking around limen' all day and they are pretty scary. We have a car though and we have to be in by 8 every night. I'm already getting tan but not as burnt as the poor elders. We haven't been to the ocean yet which has made me pretty sad. My companion doesn't like the ocean. It's getting a little bit better but I miss you all a lot every day.

Oh, when I got to the misson home the president assigned me to speak French. Forgot to tell you that,  Mom and Dad. So probably in about 2 transfers I will be going to a French speaking island. The mission president really wanted French speaking sisters so I said that I would do it. It's hard to learn and the book they gave me was super old. AH!!!!! You can send letters here but email are just fine! I miss you all so much. I love you all. 

Here are some pictures from the MTC and one from Barbados. I will be better this week at taking pictures but honestly there really isn't anything pretty to take pictures of. haha.

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