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Monday, April 15, 2013

Last Week with Sister Udall

Hello everyone!

Life just keeps getting better and better here. I got a volley ball last week and this morning our whole zone went and played volley ball on the beach. That was so much fun! Then we played Keep Away from the water and got pretty wet. Don't worry it's allowed. Then it started pouring which was awesome and I ran the whole beach with Sister Bouchaut.

 This week we didn't have any of our investigators come to church. But the other missionaries here said that in Barbados that is just the way that it is and that it is the only place int he mission where no one ever comes to church.  
We have this really cool investigator that we found the other day named Natsha. She is Guyanese with Hindu roots.  She believes in the Bible and really believes in Christ  She was deciding on which religion to join and had almost picked to be Islamic when we knocked on her door. She really understands the Bible and lives it (so much that she lives the mosaic law, head covered  doesn't eat pork, Sabbath is on Saturday and believes in circumcision to enter into the Abrahamic Covenant.) So since she knows the Bible she loves our church. She had really deep questions and we talked to her for about and hour and a half because we couldn't get away cause she had so many questions. She even had questions about the temple and when we tell her what we believe she says, "I knew that that had to be the right answer!"  She has had a lot of dreams about what we are teaching her before we met her. She has read half of the Book of Mormon and we have only had 2 lessons with her! I think that she is going to get baptized we just have to teach her everything and really strengthen her relationship with Jesus Christ!!!

 This is my last week with sister Udall. I don't know who my next companion is yet or even where I will be. I think I will probably stay in Barbados for another transfer or two and then switch to French islands. My companion thinks I will have to train someone this next transfer. I hope not. I don't think I could, or that I know enough to train anyone. Well I love you all so much!!!  Pray for me. I really need the help and prayers!
Love, Sister Katrina Elizabeth Hawkes

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