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Monday, June 3, 2013

Last two days in Barbados

Good Morning! I am in Barbados for two more days and then I fly out at about Wednesday for the beautiful(or so I've heard) island of Guadeloupe. French!!! It's going to be kind of scary flying by myself. Especially since I have a three hour layover in the French island of Martinique and have to switch airlines there. Scary! I hope I don't get lost! This last week has been pretty great.  Nadeen didn't come to church. I am not really sure why. We are going to go over there tonight and see what is up. I am so scared to go french speaking. The mission president and his wife were here yesterday for church and that was really special. All of the missionaries got up and bore their testimonies and so did the president and his wife. I got a little emotional because I felt the spirit really strong. So embarrassing. I hate crying/getting teary eyed in front of people. The president said that Sister Stale and I (my companion that I will be serving with in Guadeloupe who also doesn't speak french) will be with a local there who can speak English and french. So that should be good. Apparently everyone is getting really excited to have sisters there for the first time. I love the scriptures! As of today I only have to read Moroni to be done with the Book of Mormon! Then I get to start all over again! You have three days to catch up! Today for p-day we sisters are going to go get pedicures. I need it sooo bad! that should be fun and relaxing!   
Next week I will let you know what my new address will be in Guadeloupe. 

ok joke: Why did the missionaries always have to pee so bad?
Because they only have one p-day. 

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