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Monday, July 29, 2013

God will Bless us for our Efforts!

I did not move apartments, I'm still living here at the same address!

 This week we had zone conference. Elder Cornich from the Seventy was here as well. It was so amazing to hear him talk and I got to have my personal interview with him. That was cool and we talked about how as the first sister here I need to set a standard of excellence for the future sisters. And that will come with obedience. My goal is to always be exactly obedient. I have had a great week and we are super motivated. We are having a young adult activity that Sister Gamiette and I am putting together. The young adults are not super strong here so we are having a missionary night with them at a members house. We will play games and have spiritual activities.  They each are bringing one non member friend. It should be a good example for them. 

I love you, I know that if we are righteous and full of faith God WILL bless us. If we put in the work for a specific result, God will bless us for our efforts! God blesses our efforts. 

 I have almost been out six months! Can you believe it. I need more time! I have so much to learn!!!

I  love you my wonderful family. I still need your prayers and love. I LOVE YOU!!!

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