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Monday, August 12, 2013

I'm Twenty!

Hey, thanks for all of your awesome letters to me! It is weird to almost be twenty. I don't feel twenty. Well, actually that's a lie; I feel twenty. I'm twenty! I can kick, I can stretch and I'm twenty. I hope everything is going well, and if had a cake with candles on it for all of you I would wish that everyone would have a week filled with laughter. Yes, that is my birthday wish from me to you. Please, in request of my birthday fill this whole week with laughter! No matter what you do, kill a chicken, (actually some elders did kill a chicken with a rock while doing a service project!) watch a funny movie, sing lots of funny songs,pull funny pranks on you neighbors, tell each other funny jokes, play a funny game, just laugh as much as possible for my birthday. That would make me the most happy. I have not received the package yet, but I am really excited to receive it. 

So, I just had a whole conversation with the computer guy in... wait for it... in french! I am so proud of myself. Awesome! 

My friend Sarah is leaving for her mission in ten days! Super cool! 

This week was full of awesome things. We had a really great lesson with an inactive and her nonmember son and this  awesome, loving member. He knew exactly what to say and it was so cool. We also had a lesson with a lady named Betsy. She has a few young children and you can just tell that her life needs a lot of help. Our first lesson we taught the plan of salvation and when we talked about the temple we showed her a small picture of the Salt Lake temple. Her face lit up and the Spirit was so strong. She had such a strong desire to go to the temple. Our next lesson was with her and a great lady member. We taught the restoration and by the end of the lesson she was crying because she was so overwhelmed with the spirit. She is going to take lots of work but I am really excited for her. 

We also had a great lesson with a married couple who are members. We practiced how they can talk to their friends and I taught them how the most important thing they can do is tell them what we believe and share their testimony. Bringing the Spirit is the most powerful tool we have. If we bring the Spirit and testify of truths, that will affect the person for good. 

Also, our new member, Wendy, is awesome. We had a lesson about temples and she is preparing and excited to go in a year. She has never been very modest so us sister missionaries talked to her about modesty and why its important and how it prepares you for the temple. We committed her to start to slowly change her wardrobe to one that was temple ready. She full heartily said yes. The best part was on Sunday she looked so great and cute and MODEST which she never had been at church before I was smiling the whole time and you could tell she felt so much more comfortable. 

I love you all so much! 

-Sister Hawkes
My new French Name Badge! 

Guadeloupe Zone Conference
My companion is the girl to the left of the girl on my left. She is wearing a dark purple shirt. Sister Stahle.

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