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Monday, August 26, 2013

Week Six of Six

Hey, What a great week. I don't know if Doug and Jordan had the same problem, but I always get a little antsy for change by the end of the transfer. how do i not feel that way? i mean its not that bad but its a little distracting.

Stacey!!!!! You little missionary you! way to go. Something that the senior couple told me this we... they invited us over for lunch for my birthday and we had a nice conversation. But having success is not in getting that person baptized and keeping them active in the church but the actual success of missionary work is the invitation. So if you invited you let that person use their agency to choose good. That is all God gives us to do. So if you invited that is the success. So way to go in your success of inviting and allowing that person to use their agency.

 I had a super awesome birthday. We had an appointment with a cute Tahitian family in our branch for the evening for a family missionary plan with them. Little did I know, my sweet companion called the mom while I was in the bathroom and told them it was my birthday. So, first they cooked us a really YUMMY Tahitian dinner of rice and chicken and then they all walked away and I didn't know what was going on because I can't understand their accents. Then they walked out holding a big chocolate cake with lit candles and the dad was playing his ukulele and they were singing happy birthday. In French of course. It was so sweet and a perfect ending to my birthday. I felt like I was at home there. It was such a nice sweet feeling and I felt so happy. Tender blessings; thanks for all of the nice birthday wishes.

 They had a girls' camp in our district this week and we went for an hour for the talent show part. My companion likes to sing too so in the morning we put a song together. I heard the song in Barbados and its called "How can I be like my brother Nephi" and it is originally sung by Polynesians. I had us each have plastic cups and I made up a rhythm for us and we did it at the same time and snag the song just like the song "Call your Girlfriend." Chelsey will get that reference. I thought it was really cool and we had fun harmonies and stuff. That sort of stuff makes me so happy.

 Missionary work is going great. I want to be riding a bike though. being in a car all day gets sort of depressing and very old very quickly. So yesterday I had my companion and I walk to an appointment that was pretty near our house after lunch. It only takes about five min in the car. It took 35 min to walk there. It was so hot. But it was really fun and I loved it. I am going to be doing that more. Plus you can talk to more people.

That is fun that you got to talk to Elder Pavia. He is my really good friend and helped me out a lot here when things were hard. I still haven't received my package hopefully in the next couple of weeks. I'm sure I will eventually get it. Did Elder Pavia speak in French to you???? It's so pretty huh!! I love French!!!

Next Monday I am not sure how much I will be able to email because Sister Stahle and I have to go to Barbados for a few days since we don't have Visas here and our 90 days as tourists is almost up. But we will come back right after here and start work together. It will be fun to go back to Barbados for a little.

 I honestly have no idea where I will be for the rest of my mission. My guess is that I will be here for at least eight more months cause our mission pres doesn't like to move us around when we can make good connections with the branches. Maybe at the end I will go to another island. I don't know.

Love you all. I love you so MUCH it hurts! Could you all write me a handwritten letter for my birthday present that would make me so happy. Make sure to write West Indies at the end of the address not France.

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