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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Four Day Transfer!

Hey family!!! So, guess where I have been to this week? First, I started in Barbados. Then my flight for the next morning to get back to Guadeloupe was canceled because there were only two of us going. Big surprise! So we left the next morning and were supposed to have a layover from Dominica to Guadeloupe but the pilots told us over the intercom that they could not legally land in Dominica so they were just going to skip over it and go straight to Antigua. Haha. So, we stayed the night at a REALLY nice resort in Antigua that the airline paid for. Lots of honeymooners. I bought a T-shirt to remember the trip. Then finally the next morning, our taxi left at 4 a.m. to our resort and we got back to Guadeloupe at 7 in the morning. What a week! It was only supposed to be a 24 hour trip but it turned into three days. Haha. So much fun!

So, Sister Stahle are back together now by ourselves. Do you know what that means? I can legitimately speak French!!! Like seriously. I can. Yes, I make errors and don't always understand everything that every one says but I feel really comfortable teaching and having conversations with people. Sister Stahle is still learning how to teach the lessons so I teach most of the lessons but I think she will be teaching more soon!

We had some cool success with an investigator, Lulu, this week. It was our third lesson and she had read 4 chapters in the Book of Mormon and all of the pamphlets. she is coming to church next week and should be getting baptized on the 21 of this month. She is married, has a new born baby and two other children who are 8 and 9 and a husband. Hopefully we can start to work with the rest of her family and have then all be baptized soon.

We are working super hard, which I LOVE. and I know that if we have faith and do our best that the Lord will give us miracles. Please pray that we can help someone be baptized soon. This branch really needs it. Please pray for Louise and her family that we can work with all of them and they can all be baptized together at the end of the month. I know with faith we can make a miracle happen.!!!

These are the Desires. They are a great family in our branch. She make us banana passe. It's fried plantains and then you put like this shredded carrot and cabbage with pepper sauce and yummy lemon vinaigrette on top like chip and dip sort of. Oh my heavens!!! My favorite thing EVER!!! Also, they have a soda here that tastes like black licorice. Wow. That is amazing. But, yes, they are SUPER poor. They went to the temple last year to be sealed! They are three year old converts and I love them sooo much!! 

(Here are some questions and answers that I got from Katrina this week. They are very fun to read!)

Q: How many times does a person have to go to church before they can be baptized, in your mission?
A: At least three times in a row, but it depends on the branch president.

Q: What does your diet consist of? Are you still loving the french pastries?
A:  I actually have been slimming down. I don't eat tons because I don't burn tons of calories. Mostly fruit and cereal and the occasional meal from a member.

Q:How are you outfits working out? How are your shoes holding up?
A: My outfits are okay. A lot of my shirts were too hot so I have bought some nice t shirts here. My shoes are great. I actually bought some cute sandals the other day. I don't do much walking. It is too dangerous around here for that.

Q:Do you sleep well at night?
A: Right now our AC is broken, so no. Apparently, I have been talking very loudly in my sleep at night in French. So says my companion. Saying things like "its hot!" or "can we come see you on Tuesday?" But in French! We also have a field of chickens out side of our window. The roosters all start crowing at four in the morning VERY loudly. They are not normal roosters. It sounds like the are screaming bloody murder. And all at the same time pitch and rhythm. It's actually quite creepy. I just bought a mosquito net so now I don't get bitten at night so that has been wonderful!!

Q: What do you miss most about home?
A: Music. I crave to make music and listen to stuff other than mo tab. Also of course, my family, and just relaxing for more than ten minutes.

Q:How long are your Armpit hairs? Are you going french?
A: I shave everyday, thank you very much.

Q:Do they serve french toast, french fires and french kisses in Guadeloupe?
A: No french toast. They have McDonald's. Couldn't tell you about the kisses. haha

Q:Can you buy me a beret? (A french hat)
A: I will do my best. How about a rhasta hat? That would be easier to find.

Q:What percentage of the french language do you feel like you van speak/understand?
A: Right now I can speak about sixty/seventy percent. It's my sentence structure that I am struggling with the most right now. I can understand about ninety percent of what people say. The other day, a guy told me that I had "good French" while we were out contacting.

Q:What is the best part of the mission?
A: What I love the best is how new it is and how unique it is. I mean what other mission takes four days to be transferred??

Q: Can you drink the water there?
A: Yes. But I choose not to. I just drink bottled water.

 Q:Is it tempting to go jump in the ocean?
A:Very. But I just put my toes in. I don't know any different so its okay. I would hate to be a native and serve because you know what it is like to go swimming.

Q: Are they going to allow you to start using computers to email and facebook investigators?
A:I have no idea. I doubt not for a while. This mission isn't like the states at all progression wise. I don't really know what good that would do.

Q: In my stake the missionaries are opening up the church buildings during the day for tours, are you going to do that on your mission?
A: First if I can get someone to come to church that would be a miracle. We teach English classes every Thursday so that is like an open house.

I love you all sooo much. Please pray for me and my companion. I hope everyone is doing well and I pray for you everyday. I love you sooooo much. 

Love, Katrina

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