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Monday, September 9, 2013


Hey family and Friends! I love you all and miss you SO much. I am always very busy during the week and try to not think about home but when Monday comes around I am always so grateful to be able to talk to my family. This week has been great. 
First, I will tell the cool spiritual experiences of the week and then the funny stuff. So, we used to teach a lady named Patty. She is the mother of David who is a twenty six year old recent convert. We taught her a couple of lessons because her son had given her a Book of Mormon and all of the pamphlets. He also taught her a lot about the church which is great and she is a very smart woman and a good reader. But when I was with Sister Gameitte, we had a lesson with her and she said that she didn't want to meet with us anymore. We asked her if she had prayed about the message and she said that she was too scared to pray and if she prayed she knew that she would get a positive answer. She is Catholic and said that changing would be too scary for her and she couldn't handle it. During the lesson I was really sad and she kept asking me not to be sad and asking why I was sad. I bore my testimony to her and said that I was sad because I knew that this was true and how much it could help her and bless her life. She didn't like that I was sad but there was nothing we could do or say to change her mind. So we left and planned on dropping in once in a while to say hi. the other day we got a call from David that his mom wanted to meet with us again and wanted to go to church!!!!!! WHAT!!!!?????? ha ha! So we went over and she was just smiling from ear to ear and as happy as could be!!! She said she had had a really cool experience when she prayed and that she felt someone like a light guiding her to the truth!! Wow. She had also been talking with one of her friends who was a member and that helped a lot. So we taught her about the atonement and set a baptismal date for her on the 21.  Oh, and she came to church and really liked it. During the lesson she kept asking "vous etes content?" which means your happy?? I said, "Of course I'm happy!" she asked me that like 10 times. She came to church and really liked it. My only concern is that i am not actually sure that she is married. She has a husband but I don't know if they are legal because she wasn't wearing a ring. But that's OK we can work towards it. 
We have also been working really hard with less activities and had three that hadn't come to church in a while. One in over a year and a half.  We worked really hard with them this week and had some wonderful experiences. And guess what? They all came to church. It was so great and fun. I have been trying some new ideas here of finding and traching and also in getting the members more involved and really turning them into missionaries; its like pulling teeth some times but its fun and rewarding. 
OK fun stories: So we were in church in Relief Society talking about the priesthood. They said something about how George Albert smith was raised from the dead when her was on a mission. One of our recent of three years was like, "WHAT!? the priesthood can do that?"  And they explained yes and that Jesus did the same thing. She said "but that was Jesus.' And no matter how much we explained the priesthood she wouldn't believe that that actually happened. HA HA! 
WELCOME to the rainy season. It had rained SOOO hard this past week. If you stood outside for three seconds your would be soaked. It will be like this until about December they say.

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