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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Volcanic Missionary Work

How is everyone! I hope all is going well! I am doing great! Guess what I did today?! I went to a VOLCANO!!! I know!!! It was really cool. All of the sixteen missionaries on the island went together. It took such a long time but the hike was SOOO beautiful! It was about a three hour hike total and we stayed at the top for a bit and did our studies all together, which was great! Wow. This place is so pretty I am just in awe constantly.

I hope everyone is doing well and is safe.

We had a really cool experience yesterday. We had an old investigator named, Harry, who had been studying with the missionaries for about a year. He is about 21 and before the missionaries came over he had a dream of himself as a missionary and the next day he met the missionaries! He knew that this was true and I heard his testimony several times when we were teaching him he had a baptismal date and we were getting him ready for that. For the past about 8 weeks we have not been able to have a lesson with him. but finally the Elmer family invited them over last night for crepes and invited us as well. He is catholic and so is his mother, who doesn't like the church. When we met with him last night he sadly told us that he was going to stay catholic and that he didn't want to change his life. Fred Elmer bore the most amazing testimony to him and after I got to bear mine. We were all crying by the end and I felt the spirit so much. But he still said that he made up his mind and he will stay catholic. By the end my heart was broken because I knew I had done all that I could have done and he could use his agency how he wants. It made me think of our family right now and how people have made choices and not chosen the right path. I really felt my heart break for Larry because I knew all that he was letting go of. I know that this is true and I broke down a little later that night. I wish that we could share our testimonies with others and give them and I wish that people would use their agency better. But all is not lost. Larry can come back. He can make a good choice still. Heavenly Father will never give up on him. It's the same with all of us. Heavenly Father will Never give up on us. No matter how lost we get we can ALWAYS come back. We can always become completely new again. I know this is true because I have lived this in my own life. Repentance hurts and is also possible because of the sacrifice that the savior made for us.

Some great news is that Patty will be getting baptized the 28th. Hurray! She is so excited and can't wait. I love her so much and she made some great friends in the ward yesterday.

The french is still coming but it gets better everyday. I love you all so much. and I miss you all so much. Keep loving one another. Show your love for each other in secret and also but the things you say, hugs you give, and encouragement that you give. I know this church is true because I know God is real and I know that this is His only true church. I know it with my whole heart. I am so happy that you are my family for eternity. I love you! Je vous aime! encore et encore et encore!!

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