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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

He knows the mansion that you can become

 This week has been really hard and I have had to do a lot of growing.  I have had to be on my guard everyday and try to always be positive and nice and constantly always be serving and always trying to be my best. It's taken a lot of turning to the Lord to see what I could change to be a better person. I  have had to change almost everything about me which has been so difficult.  Its like my whole being and knowledge of myself was ripped apart and changed by my Heavenly Father. You know that saying that the Lord breaks down the walls of your little house because He knows the mansion that you can become. I have had to push myself to almost breaking point to tear down my walls and start to build what Heavenly Father wants. But, I feel like I have done most of it and with patience in myself, I can be better. I am just sad with myself that so much changing had to happen.

This week was also great because the French is progressing. The sisters were tired one day so Sister Stahle and I went finding by ourselves because we still wanted to work. We made two appointments by ourselves and one lady even let us into her house immediately and asked us to teach her. So, we looked at each other and were like, "What the heck! Why not? Let's do this!" (Neither of us really speak French at all.)  So we sat down and completely by ourselves with taught this lady who didn't speak any English the Restoration in French! We did it and there were a couple sentences that we couldn't understand what she was saying at the end. But, we have a return appointment with her so we will bring the other sisters and figure out what she was saying.

The French CD's are great and I use them when I can! We have been working mostly with members but we are starting to get more and more member referrals, which is awesome. I can really tell that some families have taken to heart what was announced a couple of weeks ago with the change in missionary work. We are teaching this one lady who was a member referral from the Gamietes (the Area Seventy and the previous mission President for the West Indies) and she is from St. Martin. She can speak French but she prefers English! So we went and taught her with Sister Gamiete. The lesson was awesome and we taught her about the Plan of Salvation. She came to church yesterday and we sat by her. In Relief Society it was really confusing for her because the were talking about temples and also speaking too fast for her to understand. So I sort of gave her a mini lesson in the back of the class while everyone else was involved with the lesson about temples and what they are. We have another lesson with her Tuesday and we are really excited.

I got to talk today on the phone to sister Wilson who I was in the same district with in the MTC. I talked to her a couple of weeks ago. She is like a sister to me and its so fun to talk to her. Her mom has cancer right now and just went through chemotherapy. So we have both seen our families really grow in the gospel while they are going through difficult trials. I am so impressed with our family and how much they have grown. I love you!

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