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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

July 15th, 2013

Hello my lovely family,

 Sounds like you all are having lots of fun!  Man, I miss our cute home. That doesn't have cockroaches. Oh, our apartment has cockroaches. BAD!

 This week was pretty great. Hard but pretty great. My companions and I are all getting along really well now because we had a great companionship inventory and everyone said how they felt. It was great and we are all get along great now and are having a just a great time.

 So, this week we just got exploded with BAPTISMAL DATES!!! We have a girl name Wendy who is being baptized this Saturday. Next, Dina is being baptized on August 3 along with Larry who is a long time investigator that we picked up that is also being baptized the same day. So that is exciting!

 It's the end of my third transfer this Wednesday! Wow time flies. I only get ten more. :( But that is Okay. This next transfer, Sister Stahle and I are splitting up and being put in different areas. We are being put with two new locals who are actually missionaries and daughters of President Gamiet who is the Area Seventy here and the old mission President. They are very nice and speak English and French. I am going to be with Jennifer who is actually only 17.  I talked to her at church and she said that she was scared but I told her that we could have lots of fun things and I think that cheered her up. It will be like being with a little sister! Haha. I'm really excited and think that this transfer I will learn a lot of French and that it will just be awesome. But I am nervous for this next transfer because there is lots of work to do for the baptisms. That will be hard for me because I still don't really speak French so I don't know how that is going to work.

An answer to a question I received:  

What do I do all day?  Well I wake up I go running for about half an hour. Then I eat breakfast (usually a grapefruit.) Then I get ready, then I study my scriptures for an hour. Next, I study with my companions for an hour. Then I study French for an hour. By then it is lunch time which always takes too long because these sisters like to cook meat every meal!!! (Oh, I have stopped eating meat. I am just sick of it and I don't need it. And I just honestly I can't eat it anymore because it makes me sick. It's too filling). Then, we go out and do missionary work which usually consists of either finding in apartments, going and teaching an investigator or teaching a less active or recent convert.

 This week we got our car! It really nice. It's a silver Chevy sedan and I get to drive it! Scary! haha.
 Well, I love you all. Have a great week. Do you have any more questions for me?


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