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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

All Saint's Day

Hi! I worked really hard this week. Not tons of success but, oh well! Our hard work will eventually be blessed if not immediately in the future!! Maggie came to church!!!!!!! I am really happy! She brought her boy friend and he thought it was great up until Priesthood when he was all alone. We are going to try really hard to get him to come back to church, but that will take some work. Oh the West Indies. You can never count on if you can leave your investigators alone with the members.

We are going to have zone conference this week. I'm super excited because those are just always awesome and I get to see the sisters from St. Maarten and Martinique! They will be staying at our house and we cleaned it all up cute and bought some yummy baguettes from the bakery for breakfast tomorrow. They will be flying in tonight if their plane isn't late. Yum!!!

For Halloween... I went knocking on doors. For about 5 hours. :) It was a holiday called All Saint's Day, (Catholic) so every one of our appointments cancelled on us. But that's okay because we found some cool people!!! I love meeting the people here.

I have started to pick up Creole as well because that is what people will first speak to you when you greet them. Its hard to tell that its not French at first because it sounds like French and a lot of the words are the same but for some reason I just can't understand them, I think that my french translation in my brain just stopped working for some reason!!! And then finally it clicks that they are speaking a totally different language. So you tell them to please speak in French and then say "cowfae ti mal!" which means "Hello."  I don't know how to spell it but that is how it sounds. Then they laugh really hard because you are white but you just spoke Creole to them. Then they start talking to you and you tell them who you are and why you are a white lady in Guadalupe from America who speaks French wearing a skirt. Then you teach them about Jesus Christ. It's great!!!  I really do love it so much!!

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