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Sunday, November 24, 2013

Goodbye Sister Stahle


I have had a great week and I don't think I have ever worked harder on my mission. We really have hit the ground running in this new area and so far we have found about 20 new investigators. so much work!!! We have had so many miracles so far and have found some amazing people who really were prepared.  It's the end of the transfer and Sister Stahle will be leaving to Martinique and working with a temporary while I stay here. I will be having a temporary companion who is much older  and from Martinique.  It will be great for the work here that she is from the area. I hope because she will relate more to the people. 

We taught our first lesson with a lady yesterday with a member. We had scheduled an appointment with another woman and our member was going to be there in ten minutes.  As we got to her house, we realize that she wasn't there. So we said a prayer and walked from house to house looking as fast as we could for someone to have a lesson with with our member. On the second house we called into a lady came out with hands soaking wet from dishes. We told her who we were and asked if we could come back in ten minutes and share our message with her. So we found our member went back and then had one of the most spiritually filled lessons that I have ever had. This lady NEEDED the gospel. She then came to church the next day and will continue to have lessons with us and I am sure she will be baptized very soon. 

I'm sad Sister Stahle is leaving because she really has become like a sister to me.

Inline image 3
Sister Stahle!!!
Love you and have a great week!

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