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Monday, November 25, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving with my New Companion

 Hey family!!! Happy Thanksgiving! Yes, I know that that is not until Thursday but all of the missionaries here are having ours today in about an hour. I made two berry pies. Yum!!!! Except it was sort of rediculous because our oven is so terrible that it took about two hours to cook each of them instead of fourty minutes!

I have my new companion! She is really nice. Its kind of strange not being with Sister Stahle since we have been together for six months. I know I will learn a lot from my new companion. We will be together for six weeks. It is too bad that we are the only sisters on the island. 

Something fun was that before Sister Stahle left we went to Barbados!!!!! Explanation: We don't have a visa to France so we have to leave the country every 90 days. So we went on our annual 90 day adventure to Barbados. It was so much fun. I got to hang out with Sister Wilson! Remember, she was in the MTC with me and we are "kindred spirits." Then Sister Stahle left and I cried because I love her so much. So sad... but...I called her today to say hi. 

Miracles are happening right and left here! The lady that I told you about who was found at the last minute washing her dishes...we set a baptisimal date for her for December 7th! She came to church again yesterday and has read A LOT of the Book of Mormon that we gave her. We have taught her the restoration and she says that she feels that it is true and that also the Book of Mormon is true. WHAT a miracle!! Heavenly Father really waits for you to be working your hardest so that when he has someone he wants you to find you will be ready and in the right place. Working hard pays off every time!!!!! I sure do love my mission. It's been really hard so far but I really have learned so much. I love you all!!

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