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Monday, December 2, 2013

M, Less Actives and The Jehova'sh Witness Farmer

Hey family!
Right now there is a chicken in the computer shop. But no one cares. Haha. A chicken!!!!! I kicked it once so that it wouldn't touch me. Oh and apparently I got the first package that Mom sent in the mail and my zone leaders picked it up. They are not going to be able to give it to me until Wednesday. 
This week was amazing!! So many miracles!!! We have been working really hard (as always) and taught tons of people!!! Our investigator M with the baptismal date came to an FHE of a family in the branch. It was really fun. We sang lots of Christmas songs. It the french hymn book... they have lots of strange french Christmas songs that I had no idea how to sing so I just hummed along for lots of them. This last Saturday M came with us to see a baptism that one of the elders had. The lady who was baptized bore her testimony and the end and said how she just felt warmth and said over and over that she made the right choice. That was so wonderful to hear and I am glad that M was there to hear that testimony. This week M was sick so she couldn't come to church but we had two other investigators come! One lady who is originally from Dominica and a nice lady that has a one month old baby. It was such a miracle that they both came!! The testimony meeting was so awesome as well! Although half way through the power went off so everyone that spoke had to speak really loudly. I bore my testimony about the Holy Ghost and how it tells us when things come from God and fill us with peace joy and light. I also was asked to teach the gospel doctrine class and that went really well. It was about baptism and we had a great class about why we are baptized and how.  So great!

Another miracle we had is that one day while we were port-a-porting we found a less active who was baptized 27 years ago!!!!!!!! She left the church because of a terrible experience that she had that she shouldn't have told us but she REALLY needs help. She says she feels soooo lost and stuck and can't get out. We brought a sister from  the ward with us and she bore her testimony to her and gave her the courage to start the repentance process. She is 77 so she needs to get started!!! She said that she will come to church next week! 

I love you all so much! I have more stories but I don't think you want to read anymore. But real quick,  the less active has a neighbor who is 79 who is always there when we go over. He has four teeth and wears a straw hat. He is a farmer and only eats what he grows he thinks that anything else will give him cancer! But he has absolutely no ailments, doesn't need glasses and is really healthy! The only problem is that he is a Jehova's Witness. That fine that he is that religion but if you talk about anything religious he will start to talk for ten minutes about his beliefs and how everyone else is wrong. If you have ever listened to a Jehova's witness you will have sympathy for me. So he talks for ten minutes and at the end of his statements he closes his eyes, places his hands on the top of his belly and says "Viola!" I have to hold in the laughter. So I get him to talk about other things besides religion and he has had a really sad interesting life. iI think he will be my new best friend. He gave me some aloevera.

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God is there and hears our prayers. I am amazed everyday how much he blesses me in even the smallest ways. He wants to hlelp us all the time he just waits for us to ask and keep his commandments and have our will aligned with Christs. 
I love you alll!!!!

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A flower

Sister Delise, my temporary companion

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