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Monday, December 9, 2013

Rain, Angels and Dead Pigs

Hello my lovely family! Hope every one is doing well!

I am doing great! This week was again amazing. So many miracles! I don't think M will be baptized the 14th however. She says that she doesn't feel ready and that she needs more time. Which is totally fine. She said that this week she had a really strong and confirming answer that this was the right decision and that she knows that this church is true. So wonderful! She was at church yesterday and contributed a lot in the lessons.

It rained SO much these past three days. We weren't able to go out very much because we are on foot and it was like a hurricane. But one night we had an appointment scheduled with an investigator that we couldn't miss even if it was flooding outside!!!! So we found an old umbrella and made the long journey to her house in the rain!! We were so wet and en we walked into her house I noticed that something smelled strange. I turned around and saw a giant slaughtered  pig! It was ginormous and so disgusting! It was chopped in half and hanging from the celing. I asked why on earth she had a slaughtered pig in her house and she said that they had killed it that morning and they were going to sell it the next day. Yummy.
Anyways.. she had been praying to know if our message was true. We asked if she felt like she had had an answer yet and she said "Sort of."  she told us of how a week before we came to see her she was woken up at night by an angel that told her something. And then that same week we knocked on her door and shared our message with her. People here believe really strongly in visions and dreams. That is honestly how they receive revelation. I think that you receive revelation by the way that you were taught. We are taught that we receive it by our feelings and thoughts with them its visions and dreams.
Yes, so, she said she was pretty sure it was true. I asked her to be baptized and fixed a date with her and we talked about repentance. Then my companion said that she thought that our investigator already had her answer to her prayer. She nodded her head and said, " Yes, I did. this is true!" Wow!So amazing. But she didn't get to go to church yesterday because she had to sell the pig. Hahaha
I got lots of letters this last week! Thank you everyone! n your letter was so funny!!!! Mom, I got the first package you sent. Thanks so much. I had to explain to my comanion why you sent me a giant sock. (stocking) haha
I have been thinking lately about how EVERYTHING comes from God. The only thing that is ours is our agency. And yet that is a gift from God. I need to study this more.Love you all!!!

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