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Monday, January 6, 2014

Joueux noel a tous!

Joueux noel a tous! Merry christmas to all my lovely family and friends. I'm excited to talk to you all at 12 your time. that is 3 for my time. Got it? Get it? Good.
This week has been great. We will be having two of our investigators baptized this Saturday. Merry Christmas! I'm super excited for them. The work here is really progresssing and I feel much more confident in my missionary work.
So the transfer will be next Wednesday but before that there is a 22 year old sister from Guadeloupe who is teetering on whether or not she would like to serve a mission. So, of course, the zone leaders told her she could serve with us for this next week. I have met her before and she is really nice. Her name is Nancy. So that will be interesting but fun. She will only be here for one week.This week is so hectic. Christmas! We are going to the branch activity tonight where there will be drums and guitar and food and singing in creole\french. So excited!!!!!!! Ok, well don't have time for much more but I love you all. I will be SKYPING. I only have 40 min. THANKS!!

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