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Monday, January 6, 2014

M was baptized!

Hi family. I have so many pictures but I can't send them all this computer because it is too slow. I'm glad you are doing well!
It was so great to talk with everyone for Christmas. I feel really stupid because you asked me to bear my testimony in french. So I did and then I started crying and then after I realized that you had no idea what I said. Haha So sorry about that. It's been a great week. For Christmas evening we went to a members house and played dominoes. It was really fun and I was laughing pretty hard. M was baptized! That was a really cool experience! She was baptized in the ocean and after wards we had a little testimony meeting on the beach in a little circle. It was really touching. 
We also met two really cool girls this last week and with them had one of the best\most spiritual lessons that I have ever had! We shared about the restoration and at the end they both told us that as I was sharing Joseph Smith's first vision they felt this feeling inside of them that made them want to cry. They have both been searching for a church that was right for several years now and i am so excited that we found them they are two young moms who are friends and quite poor so they live in the same apartment. They said that they go from church to church but I each place feel a void that cant be filled. They said it was they first time that they had felt the spirit. Heavenly Father really has prepared people to hear the gospel.

I will be getting my new companion this week! I'm really excited and a bit nervous as well to be training in french. I hope my language is good enough. But God is there and He will help me. I love you all so much and I can't wait to see you again!

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Ruban, my Branch President, wearing his "Wise Man costume for the nativity scene."

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Prisca, a member

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 M being baptized

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