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Monday, January 6, 2014

My new Companion Sister Eyre and C's Baptism

Hello my sweet family! Thanks for all of your letters and love. I felt like everyone's letters were really inspired and made me really feel the spirit.

It has been a wonderful week! I am with my new companion now. Sister Eyre she is from Orange County, California. She is 19 and went to BYU for a semester. She is already practically fluent in french since she studied it for four years in high school. She is so nice and smart! We get along REALLY well and its like we are already best friends. It a nice change to have someone to talk to your age and someone who has the same interests and just ways of thinking. Match made in heaven!!  I think this is Heavenly Father saying, good job,! Training is fun and a little stressful. I just don't want to do ANYTHING wrong.  But i will. We are human. But training shows me how much I have grown and learned and how great my french is. But she is such a hard worker its so great and she really inspires me to work harder and study harder with my french. We received three sisters for the french side. One with me. One with Sister Stahle in Martinique, and one who is with a newly returned missionary temp in french Guyana!!! So cool! 
This week C was baptized. It was a really spiritual experience. We went over the day before her baptism and she said she wasn't sure if she was ready to be baptized the next day. So we read D and C 20:37 together and she said that she was worthy and had really accomplished all of the things that God has set as a standard for being baptized. At the end of the lesson she said that she was ready. She is really strong.  After the lesson, I was a little worried if she should be baptized if she felt a little nervous about it. She had already been through her interview but I was still a bit nervous. So sister Eyre and I stood on the side of the road and just prayed and prayed and prayed and asked Heavenly Father if she should be baptized. After words I felt a calm voice that told me that it would be okay and that she should be baptized and the spirit was so strong. we both felt good about it so the baptism was good! none of C's family is interested in the church. Not even her ten year old boy. So we made sure to have lots of member and relief society sisters at her baptism. The spirit was so strong at her baptism. I gave a talk and it was scary but I think I did well and brought the spirit. The next day as she received the Holy Ghost she started crying. Really special!
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A little sad experience from this week was when we went over to teach an investigator P who was quickly on her way to baptism. I think I explained her already. But Sister Eyre and I went over and her demeanor was completely changed. She was yelling at her children and a light had left her eyes. She said that she had talked to her pastor and said that she couldn't except the Book of Mormon and that she is no longer going to be meeting with us. All we could do was to bear our testimonies but she asked us to leave and not come back. Afterwards we cried. I was so sad that she denied something the she KNEW was true and that the Holy Ghost had testified to her of. Really and experience where I felt like I tasted a bit of what Christ's feels like when people rejected his message. Sad. But its okay!!!! We have the gospel so all in all things are going really well! We are working so hard and have some really great goals and Heavenly Father is really blessing this area and us with his love and the spirit. 
Oh, one last thing we had and investigator at church named Max. He is a Hindu priest and he came to church with his Book of Mormon in hand!!! I'm so excited for him!!!
I love you all and have a wonderful week!
Sœur Hawkes

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