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Monday, January 20, 2014


Hey fam plam. Hope you are all doing super. They say that a lot here. It's like the one word that they have to describe that they are excited or something is cool. Super. I don't think I ever told you but here they do kisses instead of hugs. A kiss on one cheek and a kiss on the other.

Anyway this week was really great. We set a baptismal date with this man named P.  He is a fisherman and he is super
We had an appointment fall through so we talked to the first person that we saw. This person was named T.  we taught T a lesson and just before we said the prayer his friend named P shows up out of no where grabs that brochure that T was holding and starts to read it and then starts asking tons of questions. T had to leave but we continued to teach P.  He was so excited and had never talked to missionaries before. At the end we asked him to pray and ask God if our message was true. So, naturally he stretches out his arms and starts praying. He asks a very fervent prayer and asks God to give him an answer if this was true that very day. After the prayer the Spirit was so strong. He just kept rubbing his arms and showing us his goosebumps and saying, "Do you feel that? That's incredible. What is this?!" We explained it was the Holy Ghost. Then he asked if he could be baptized. HAHAHA! So yesterday we set a baptismal date with him for the 15th of February. It's so cool to see how some people are just prepared
This week I have gotten a lot better at pushing myself to work hard and to push myself to the limit and not fall back into old bad lazy habits. That's hard for me and for some reason I have always had a really hard time at motivating myself.  But I feel like I am slowly overcoming that. I thought about how after we are resurrected we will have perfect bodies. What I am most excited about that is that I won't have to deal with fatigue, not being able to focus or having to push myself SO hard to work. 
This week will be zone conference and I am very excited for that. It is always so motivating and exciting.
 I love you all and have a GREAT week!!!
love, Sister Katrina Hawkes

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