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Monday, January 27, 2014

Confidence in the Lord

Hey family. This week was Zone Conference and it was so great and I learned a lot. 

P is doing great and he is still preparing for baptism! He came to the District meeting with all of Guadeloupe and he liked it a lot. He just soaks up everything that we say and is constantly praying to really have his testimony be awesomely strong!! 
Zone conference was really focused on repentance. It was great for me because it let me take a step back and remember the feelings I had that drove me to serve a mission.  Those feelings really were to share repentance and Jesus Christ with others and not simply just telling them about Joseph Smith. That is what the gospel is about. I think we forget that a lot of the time when we want to share our message of the gospel with others. We think "how can I bring up Joseph Smith" when in reality that would be ridiculous. What we need to do is just share about Christ with them. Bring souls unto Christ. Then our testimonies can flow out and the other parts of the gospel. It just seem logical and feel right and make sense. 
We also found a really cool family yesterday. The mom actually walked up to US Friday and asked if we were missionaries and if we could teach her family. WOW! So, we went over last night and had such a touching lesson with her and her three girls. She really has been searching. Her husband came and we invited him to listen as well. He is Muslim but actually just decided to be that like 5 years ago. So obviously he has been searching.  At the end, we all knelt down together and the mom prayed and asked if there really was a prophet and if we were from God. Then the dad finished the prayer by saying that he felt that our message was true. The Spirit was so strong after that and they really felt it. Ahhhh! So exciting!
The work is really picking up here and I feel like a fire has been lit for the missionary work. EVERYONE is interested. Now we just really have to get the members to feel this same fire. The goal here is to have a stake by 2018. That will be so much hard work but I think its possible if everyone has this vision. 
Today we had a really fun P day. We watched the sunrise a point Du Chateau. It was beautiful and  I got some great pictures!!! 
I have been think a lot lately also about personal confidence and how we gain that. It totally comes from the Lord and knowing that we can honestly do NOTHING with out him. But then having enough confidence in His love for us that we can do anything! I have been working on never telling myself one negative thing about myself and saying instead "Why would I say that when Heavenly Father never would. Or why can't I do that better, or yes, I am important and capable." It's been great and a new spirit has entered my life. It's truly the Holy Ghost constantly guiding me and making me stretch to be so much better!
That's so cool that Sherry is in Hawaii!!! Here it's like Hawaii....but french.

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