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Friday, February 7, 2014


Another good week!  I'm in St. Lucia right now for another one of my annual 90 day visa stamp trips. I'm going back to Guadeloupe tomorrow. I'm tired. I have been up since four in the morning. It is weird that every one speaks English here. Their accents are really cool here though! 
We got a new senior couple from Tahiti! I love them so much. They are so funny and so nice. They speak French Tahitian and a few phrases in English.
There is a gas strike in Guadeloupe so a lot of our investigators couldn't make it to church. Strikes  happens really often here. The French government.
It's also Carnival right now which is a cool celebration they have in the Caribbean.  Back in the time of slaves, their owners would give them the weekends actually be free. So the first week after Christmas until March every Sunday it's Carnival. They walk up and down to streets playing music and big drums. They also have these huge whips the they crack. It's supposed to be that the slaves would whip whips during this time to make fun of their owners while wearing scary masks. It was time for them to do whatever they wanted! We have to be careful at the end of the night and not go out as much because people drink a lot and it can get kind of dangerous. But it is still a little cool holiday.
Yesterday there was a French holiday where they eat crepes. So guess what we did? We made crepes. yum.
We have seen tons of miracles this week and made some great goals. For my last six months I'm going to do everything that I can do to absorb everything and become the absolute best that I can be. Our investigator P is doing great and i more and more excited and ready everyday for baptism!!! 
 I love you all so much and have a great week! 
Sista Hawkes

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