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Monday, February 10, 2014

Crazy Changes Coming

Hi everyone,
 I am sort of scared for when I go home and the transition into "normal" life. I think it will be fine. I should be coming home like the second week of August so I will have like a week and a half and then I will start school. Haha.  

So some crazy news...I am training... again. I didn't even get to finish training Sister Eyre and we are being split up. One normaly trains for two transfers but we got the transfer call and Sister Eyre will be training and staying in Goyave and her companion apparently is already fluent in french. Sister Eyre is really relieved about that because she said that she didn't think she could train someone to speak french. I think that she is ready and she will do SO awesome. She is such a hard worker and I am really sad that we only had six weeks together since we are such good friends and work so well together. I am also really sad to be leaving this area. We have three people and a family that we were preparing for baptism and we were also doing a lot to strengthen the branch.  I will be moving to Abymes which is the inner city of Guadeloupe and will be opeing up a new area and training a new sister as well. My new sister will be like me. She hasn't learned any french. Not even in the MTC! actually we don't know who she is yet. President Merh will interview the new sisters coming in an will pick someone to come and learn french. Poor girl!  I don't want anyone to go through what i went through. But will be okay. At least she has me to help her and I can understand her struggles perfectly. We will be on bikes and apparently the area is pretty scary. Hmmmm. But I am stoked for so many cool people to find!!! I have so many big and new goals that I want to accomplish this next transfer and I know that Heavenly Father will help me with all of them. I love you so much!! 
Picture courtesy of Sister Crompton
Thanks for all of you letters. Thank you Stacey for the family pictures that you sent me!! 
Love, Trina

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