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Monday, May 19, 2014


Hello my wonderful family!

This week was actually pretty hard. Every day was a fight to have people listen or appointments always feel through and then our second and even third backups always fell through. 

I did a Skype with the sisters from the other islands and that was really scary. AAAAh, I hate it! But they said they liked it. 

Then on Friday and Saturday I did an exchange with the sisters that are in an area called Moule.  First is was with sister Vance, and then sister Eyre. It was really fun and Moule is so beautiful and right next to the ocean. You should look up pictures, I felt as if I was in Disney land. It was really fun to be with the sisters and help them open their area up. It was really fun to be with sister Eyre again for a day. I sure love her!!!!

We had a miracle and had four people at church. Since Sister Riley was in charge of the area during splits it was very stressful for her! The days she was here with the other sisters were pretty hard. She did a really good job and found some really awesome people. They also had a lesson with one of our investigators. Her companion is a less-active and she is pregnant and is having her baby TOMORROW! So we are going to go visit her in the hospital with one of her member friends. Apparently the lesson was really good and she knows she needs to get baptized. The only problem is just marriage. He is apparently not ready for that. Hmm. It will happen!!!!! So,  Saturday night I got back and even though the week was hard we had lots of hope that Sunday would be great! And guess what! We had 4 investigators at church! Miracles! In sacrament meeting is was sitting and thinking about how Heavenly Father loves his children and He will give us hard things to make us grow but he will always bless us for our efforts and give us signs that He loves us. We just have to look to see them. Then later at church I was asked to teach Sunday School. HAHA 2 min before!  But it turned out pretty well. We talked about the Spirit World. It was almost completely normal until our investigator (who is actually a friend of a member) who is about 80 years old stood up at the front of class and told everyone pretty much hi s whole life story. Sister Riley was in the corner laughing along with half of the members and so I slowly inched towards him trying to cut him off as best I could. Nope. He want having it. He just kept talking and talking and talking for about 15 min. Finally I touched his shoulder and said, maybe next time. And then proceeded to the Spirit Prison. hmm. Guadleoupians. 

I read an amazing talk this week that you should all go look up: It's called His Grace is Sufficient by Brad Wilcox. It's a BYU devotional and if you want to learn more about the atonement there you go!!!
I love you all!!! I can't believe how fast the time flies I will see you all in less than 3 months weird!!

Soeur Hawkes

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