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Monday, May 5, 2014

"Sister Trainer Leader."

Hey family. Another week. Ordinary. Nothing new. NOT!!!! We were rock stars this week! We had 14 member lessons!! It was amazing!!! That is a new record for Guadeloupe. I feel like we have reached this awesome level of missionary work where most of the people we teach are member referrals or random people we randomly meet who just happen to be completely prepared for baptism. (not random, the Lord's hand) Yes. We worked SO hard and it was wonderful! We met this guy (another one of those random people) who is getting baptized in three weeks and was completely prepared. He is a single guy from Haiti that lived through the earthquake there and he is wonderful!! I'm so excited for him.

We are going to Barbados tomorrow morning for our 90 day passport stamp to make us legal. Also I'm going to the dentist there. I know I have a cavity. Ugh!!!! and in Barbados apparently dental work is good but cheap.

So my new calling is "Sister Trainer Leader." I'm pretty much just there to help the sisters. I'm assigned to go on trade offs with them. When there are not on my island, Sister Riley is just going to get a temporary companion here I and will go work with the companionship there for a day or two. Also, I get to be apart of all of the zone leader Skype meetings that happen once a month. AND,  a big leadership training that will be happening in Trinidad. Pretty much just me getting to sit in a bunch of awesome meetings and helping the sisters here do awesome missionary work and stay emotionally stable. Haha (that's something that I have to work on so I don't know how I'm going to help other people with that.)

So I get to talk to y'all next week. Super stoked!!! I will Skype at ___ my time or ___ your time. I'll probably call just before to make sure that you are good to go with that. If that doesn't work, let me know and we can totally move the time around. Any questions for me?? WRITE THEM DOWN AND PREPARE TO ASK THEM WHILE WE SKYPE. So that its not...silent...HAHA. I will prepare some things to say as well.

I love you all soooo much!

Sister Hawkes

p.s. We hiked another waterfall today. It was REALLY hard but so beautiful. I live in paradise and its going to be hard to leave!

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