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Sunday, July 20, 2014

Sister Gill!

Je vous aime aussi!!!!

I looked on my BYU page again and I saw that I got into that French class. YAY!!! I'm super stoked.

Don't worry, no Chikungunya for me. Lots of bug spray. :) And no one else has gotten it either.

I am living in the same place, I'm with Sister Gill now. She came up from French Guyana and has been out for about 9 months. Her French is great and she’s really funny and from Hawaii. She's a super good missionary and hard worker.

It's zone conference tomorrow and I am really excited. O’s mom has given up smoking after we taught her about the Word Of Wisdom. Well actually, its really hard for her but she is holding out strong and I think that she will be able to get baptized before I leave. I pray a lot for that. I love you so much and I am so thankful for your support. What a blessing that is.

What a blessing you are to me.

I love you!

Sista Hawkezzzz

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