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Tuesday, April 30, 2013


Dear Everybody:

Sorry I didn't write yesterday because was another bank holiday (Hero's day or something?) so everything was closed. This week has been a BLAST! I am working with Sister Dayton and Sister Cragon. They are in the city Christ's Church so I have been sleeping in their apartment and being a missionary with them. I love them so much and have been having so much fun and have been learning a lot. My companion apparently will not get here for another month so President Merh just told me that I will either stay in the threesome or sister Compton (my really good freind from byu-Idaho who is serving in St.Vincent) will be my companion for a while. She is working with a temp right now so it might just work out perfectly I would LOVE to work with her.

I have been taking these sisters to see my investiagtors every once in a while. I brought the senior couple Elder and sister Olpin to a lesson with Samantha with me because elder olpin is the patriarch in the West Indies and she had questions about the Abrahamic covenant. It was so much fun teaching with them and I learned a lot. I felt like I was listing to a General Authority. She honestly just needs to read the rest of the Book of Mormon. That will help her get her answer. So far she has read the whole 1st book of Nephi. I'm really excited about her. These sisters here have a baptism on Saturday for sister Walkes. She is 69 and sooo sweet! After she was confirmed on Sunday we went over to visit her and she had just woken up. She was very groggy. We asked her how she felt and she just kept repeating peacful and calm. Then she said "After they did that Holy Ghost thing, I felt like i have been doped." hahahaha we laughed for about 5 min. She was just over exhausted from the excitement.

There was a DISGUSTING centipede in our apartment last night. It was like 6 inches long and SOOOOOOO GROSS. It took about 15 min to kill. We just kept screaming and hitting it with a broom. It wouldn't die!!!! I took a video but i probably wont have time to send it. YUCK!!! I really love it here in Barbados! I can understand people really well(well most people.) I'm really excited to skype you all on mothers day. Besides all of the new things that have happened... nothing is new. I am growing and learning every day!

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