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Monday, October 21, 2013

Maggie's First Time at Church

Hi! Another great week!!!

 Maggie came to church!!! So great! She actually owns an email shop in La Boucan so that's where I am right now doing my emails because it is a lot closer on bikes than the other place (like a twenty min bike ride here,,,, but two HUGE hills!!!) I pretty much stink all of the time. HAHA! Yep, so she came to church and she said that she liked it. Our primary had there primary program and it was really great. They have a really big primary here like 20 children!! It was great but they didn't have anyone to play the piano so the song where its like "Pray, He is there, with Heavenly Father are you really there" didn't work out so well because the kids couldn't really keep time.Maggie turned to me and said " That was a mistake?" and I told her "Ya, it normally sounds good but they are just little kids."

This morning all of our branch members pretty much went on there annual temple trip. The closest temple is in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic so they will be gone for about two weeks. It is pretty cool because about 5 members from our branch are going for the first time and one family is getting sealed together!! So great. They have been working really hard to have as many names as they possibly could and are really excited to help their ancestors.

President Mehr told me today that next transfer (in three weeks) we will finally be getting our new sister missionaries!! Two new french-trained sisters!!! One of us will be going to Martinique! So cool! If I leave Lamentin, I think I would cry! I would miss these people sooo much. So I would be happy if i just stayed. Well... not much new so I hope you all have a great week I love you all.

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