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Monday, October 7, 2013


Bonjour ma famille!! Je vous aime beaucoup. passé bonne
semaine? Moi aussi!!! Est-ce que vous poncez que je dois écrire tous de ma lettre en la français ou en l'anglais?

Just kidding. That would be so rude if I wrote it all in French!!! This week was the bomb! Conference!!! I never appreciated conference until I came on my mission. It was like Christmas!! How amazing. I got a lot of answers to a lot of my questions. We had one investigator come to conference. Her name was Maggie (name change) and she is a member referral of Sister Bonbon. She is her very good friend and Maggie has been searching for more spirituality in her life. So we have started teaching her twice a week at her work with Sister Bonbon. She came to all of Sunday conference! She said that she really liked it and she brought her twelve year old daughter who is very shy. But I talked to her for a while and finally made her smile and warm up.

 Just before conference, another elder companionship and us went to a Catholic mass. I have always wanted to just see how other people worship on Sundays. They have lots of big pretty churches here so we picked one and went at eight o'clock. It was... interesting.  It would of been fun to have Mom there to explain a bit more. It was also all in French and really hard to hear so I didn't hear anything of what the priest said. He just talked about faith a lot. They had a band at the front with drums and guitar for the music which might just be because it's in the West Indies. It was fun to see other culture's way of worship but... I think I'm sticking to my church. Haha. So far from what Christ first established. So ridiculous!

We also got our transfer calls this week. Yep it's a new transfer!!! AND...drum roll please...I will still be here with Sister Stahle. Haha. but..., more drum rolls..... we will be on bikes!!! They opened up some new areas because ours was so big and put us on bikes. We have been wanting bikes for a while because we both like adventures and like the extra exercise. Apparently President Mehr wanted sisters on bike for a while and we are the first ones to volunteer. I feel like I volunteer to do the first crazy things in the mission all of the time. So we should be together for this next transfer as maybe the next, but I'm not sure. That was kind of shady. But soon we will be getting five new french speaking sisters!!! Four from the USA and one from Haiti and she will speak Creole!! 
This week has been great and I am ready for another transfer and to work super hard and be super obedient and do my very best. Isn't life so much fun and wonderful. It's really hard and has so many yucky things when we use our agency poorly and affect ourselves and others. But when we use it well Heavenly Father can bless us and life becomes BEAUTIFUL!!! Ah. I love my Heavenly Father.
 Something funny form this week. We were out contacting and asked a lady if she wanted to hear our  message. She looked really confused and said, "No, not right now!" Then we told her it was about Jesus Christ. She looked even more confused and said that she couldn't pay for something like that. We told her it was free. Then she looked even more confused and asked "So do you give the massages yourself in people's homes? That's very strange."  Hahahahaha. She thought we were going to give her a massage. Like rubbing her back. Silly accent. The words "message" and "massage" are the same in French!

Well, I love you all and hope that you have a wonderful week!!! Happy birthday, Mom!!!

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