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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Patty's Baptism

Hello my sweet family!  So this week was great. Patty was baptized!!! It was so great and so sweet when she was baptized. I am so grateful for her and her decision and she will be a great addition to the church community here. 

Me, Patty (name change) and my companion Sister Stahle

I also had the wonderful opportunity of listening to the General Relief Society conference broadcast with the senior couple. It was so great. I cried when the last speaker spoke. I was overcome with the spirit. Her words were wonderful and touching. I was also really great to hear the Prophet talk. He seems so sad since his wife died. He looks as if he  has aged another ten years in the past 6 months. We should all keep him in our prayers. 

We found a really great family last week!!! So we were walking down the road contacting and we see a guy up a ladder cutting down coconuts by his house so we yell at him and tell him our names. He asked if we wanted some coconuts and we said of course!!!! So we walk up and he has his cute kids walking around drink the coconuts too and he takes out his cutlass and cuts us each a coconut. So we talk to him and he has six wonderful children and a sweet wife. This Sunday we finally got to teach him!! It was really great and all of his children that we over eight listened as well along with his family in law and his wife. It was such a great lesson and he was really in tune with the spirit, they are a really family oriented family and and just full of love. They are catholic but don't really practice. They said that they would come to General Conference, so I'm super excited about that. I hope that they come. I think they will. They already knew how to pray together well as a family and they said that they will read the Book of Mormon. I am so excited!!! 

So this week before the Sunday general session,Sister Stahle and I are going to go to a big pretty catholic mass. Our mission president suggested it and I'm excited. They have tons of really big catholic churches here.

 Something I have really been focusing on this week is always having a positive attitude. It is hard to do and I have been pleading with Heavenly Father to help me with that. It is been getting better and this week has been really great because of it and I have a stronger relationship with my Heavenly Father.

I love you all.

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