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Monday, March 24, 2014


Hey family.

This week was hard. Not going to lie. We had to drop almost all of our investigators and also others dropped themselves. Sad. So I decided to do some self analysis. I asked my leaders where they thought I could improve and did a lot of reflection and studies. I realized that I needed a lot more charity. So I have been trying to be a lot more charitable and loving to everyone especially our investigators. Its been helping a lot and even in just the past two days I have seen a difference in our work because of it. Just to honestly love everyone and care deeply about what they say and just think about how Christ loves them. It's hard but so worth it. It's cool how when you are willing to change and have the honest desire to be better how heavenly father really will help you.

Sister Riley and I will be together this next transfer and I am really excited about it. We have grown closer and have become best friends. pretty fun. Since this week has been so hard its been nice to always have someone to laugh with. 

I love you all.

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