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Monday, March 31, 2014

Poisioned Cats and Feeling Sick

Hey every one!
this week was... interesting. First my back stared hurting REALLY bad. So I called the mission doctor and he said that it was from being tall/always sitting down for lessons.  I had to take a lot of ibuprofen and do all of my studies laying down. 

We had a good week and went and taught a family with a young son and they are expecting another child. The dad is a member but less active and the mom is not. She wants to get baptized and had read the whole Book of Mormon!!! We had a great lesson with them and the dad cried when the member that the brought shared a scripture that really touched his heart. They are going to wait three months until the baby is born to get married and then she will get baptized. We are going there tonight for family home evening.  I'm really excited about them!!!

Then, Thursday I was starting to get a sore throat. We went to the Branch President;s house for dinner. He and his wife have been members for about 8 years and have two little kids!! It was fun and we had dinner and they invited a friend and we taught him a lesson. There cat was inside and sister Riley turned to me with this look of horror on her face was like, their cat is dying!!! So, the Branch President gets up and starts kicking the cat out of the house. I was so shocked but we just kept teaching the lesson and everyone acted like nothing had happened. When we went out side the cat was laying on the ground twitching!! The President had given him some milk to drink and said that he had eaten some poison probably. No big deal... it was really sad. I asked him on Sunday if the cat was living and he said yes. So, that was really weird. Anyway, during this lesson I could tell I had a fever and it was taking everything I had to keep the lesson going.

The next day I was completely wiped out from the cold. So we spent two days without going out. It was terrible. I slept the whole time except for when the zone leaders came and took me to the doctor. He said it wasn't strep, just a bad cold and he gave me a bunch of french medicine. It worked though. 

Sunday, I made myself go to church. We didn't think we would have any investigators their because we weren't able to work for two day but of course Heavenly Father has a sense of humor so there were three investigators there. Wonderful! I was really excited.

I am still pretty sick. It hurts my lungs really bad to ride the bike so we have been trying to just not ride too far away. i love you all so much!!
Sister Hawkes 

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