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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Sister Riley and our Adventures to Les Saintes Island

My week has been great. Working on not being too stressed and I really feel that I am growing and learning how to do that better. My companion is Sister Riley. She is from St. George and just graduated from high school. She is just starting to get to know the basics of French. I am always there to give her a word or a phrase when she needs it and I give lots of encouragement. We just have started with the basics and then memorized things like a prayer or contacting someones house.
My language is pretty good now. I can have wonderful conversations with people. I don't think I will ever be completely fluent in French before I leave but I will only have spoken it for 15 months. Maybe I will go live in France for a while later in my life. Who knows? I should plan better. 
I think I will some home just before my birthday or right on my birthday. 
I live in a little apartment that's about a one minute bike ride from the church, so that's nice. We are the only missionaries in our area but in our branch there is another set of elders and the zone learders are technically in our branch but they have a little group that go to. The group comes to our branch every fourth Sunday of the month.
We buy groceries at really big pretty mall that has a grocery store inside of it and the zone leaders usually give us a ride in their car because they don't live far from us. If we had to, though, we could go get our stuff with our bikes. The area is pretty scary. Our bikes got stolen. Haha, but luckily we found them because a member whose house we were at saw who took them. It was a band of teenagers from the high school. So they were really awesome and went to the police for us and got the bikes back eventually. Miracles!!
Yesterday for preparation day we took a boat to a little island called Les Saintes. It was only about a 15 minute boat ride and the island was so cute a little and pretty. We ate fish and ice cream and went to a cool old French fort. Then we had fun running on  the beach and dipping our toes in the water. There are now four sister missionaries on the island so its really great. We are all best friends so I feel like I have sisters again!! Soooo much fun!! Mom, I got you a pretty necklace there. I hope I can come back here again some day with my future family...and go swimming!!!!
Sister Missionary "swim style" !!

My new companion, Sister Riley is on the far left
This week was great. We are working really hard with the members and have been starting to teach lots of members family and friends!! So cool! We are also working really hard with the branch mission president to find all of the less actives that we can. That will really help this branch. Working hard and finding miracles. We had an investigator who is amazing! He is the referral from a recent convert. It's her brother and and he is actually from Dominica so we teach in English. He has just really been searching for more in his life and our lessons have always been so cool and spiritual!!! He was supposed to come to church on Sunday but when we called to ask where he was he said he didn't have anything nice to wear to church. Hmph. So we will work on finding him a nice shirt this week. I think that we can set him a baptismal date this week. 
]My companion's French is coming slowly. I just translate A LOT during lessons so I'm always mentally exhausted. But it will come!!!  I love it here so much!!!! Love you!!

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