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Monday, March 3, 2014

Everybody Move!

Sorry about that ridiculous title. We were riding bikes this week in some traffic and the cars wouldn't let us pass so we had to like awkwardly pedal while at the same time walk on the side walk. Then I yelled out to be funny "EVERYBODY MOVE!!!" in best best lowest voice. My companion has never seen the Princess Bride. I was laughing pretty hard though.

So this morning I got up knelt down like usual and prayed. For some reason this morning I decided to pray about school. It hardly ever on my mind but this morning I asked Heavenly Father to help me to know what I should do about school and that I  just didn't know what to do with my life when I got home. I felt really comforted after the prayer and knew that everything would be alright. When I checked my email 2 hours later my prayer was answered and Heavenly Father told me what he wanted me to do. I found out that will be going to BYU in the Fall. God answers sincere prayers every time. I sure love him.Enough of the worldly talk.

This week has been wonderful!! We had two investigators at church. We are working really hard with the members going to their houses talking to their non member family and then, teaching their non member family. Wow. Miracles!!!! Heavenly Father has really prepared this area. We don't have anyone with baptismal dates yet but I know that we have some people who will get their answers soon.

In Goyave (my old area) P is going to be baptized the first week of April. M (the Hindu priest) this weekend and David (another one of my investigators there will be baptized the end of April.) I'm so excited for these wonderful people and all of the progress that they are making. It's sad not the be there but I sure love it here.

There is a newly converted family here that we went to teach this week. I was able to teach the mom (who is SO sassy, sometimes she throws eggs at elders heads) she has be on and off about wanting to go to the temple. So we taught about the sacrament and just simply the atonement of Christ and how he doesn't respect us to be perfect he just expects us to try our hardest and he will make up the rest. The next day the elders called me and said that she had called them and said that she had decided to go to the temple this summer because of the lesson that I taught. She said "She didn't teach about the temple, just the sacrament, and now I'm want to be a better person, I will stop using bad language and being unkind and everything, and I want to go to the temple because of the things Sister Hawkes shared with me."  The elders said they had no idea what I did but after the months of them teaching her and her saying no to the temple all of the sudden she has decided to go. WOW! I was having a really hard day that day wondering if I was making a difference in anyone's life. Answer to prayers.

Rachel! Congrats on the engagement!!! Can I have her email please?

Okay, I love you all so much.
Sister Trina Hawkes

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